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Are you Going Bald Male Pattern Baldness Solved Medical Hair

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If you are losing your hair or going bald you`ve probably tried a ton of solutions for hairloss such as Rogaine, Propecia, or even a hair-system. You may have also considered the medical approach and contacted a hair transplant surgeon to inquire about prices and procedures for these invasive surgeries. There are two primary techniques for hair transplantation currently in use. The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) methods. Both are invasive, expensive and with varying results. Many men come to HeadPower Hair Clinic for scalp micropigmentation after they`ve already had hair transplant because their hair still looks thin and the transplant did not create the desired amount of density they were anticipating. Scalp Micropigmentation is the best choice for the man who has already decided that he digs the shaved look. HeadPower Master SMP Technicians will medically tattoo tiny little dots on your head so that it looks like you`ve shaved all around. This will ELIMINATE the shiny scalp and make you look and feel younger. We already understand that you`re comfortable with your hair lower and you`re not interested in Steven Tyler locks. We`re just going to improve you so that it doesn`t look like you`re going bald anymore and ease the stress of you having to shave everyday to hide the bald areas. (After SMP many men can get away with up to 2 weeks without shaving!) Most men going bald or losing their hair have no hair-line at all. HeadPower Master Scalp Micropigmentation Technicians will work with you to design a crisp and age appropriate new hairline customized personally for your face shape, size, ethnicity and facial features. Our skilled technicians are patient and will make continual revisions until you are happy with the shape and style of your new hairline. When the experts at HeadPower Hair Clinic use scalp micropigmentation to recreate a new hairline for you, you`ll look amazing and at least 10 years younger. A good hair tattoo or scalp tattoo will make people think that you`ve chosen the shaved low look on your own as a fashion choice. Send your photos or pictures for free to info@headpower.ca, we will have our Master Technians review them and provide a price and a treatment plan to transform you from a bald man to Confident Man. If you are from out of town, HeadPower conveniently offers a 2 day travel and accommodations package which will send you back to your hometown with a full head of hair. HeadPower Hair Clinic was also rated as the Best Scalp Micropigmentation Training Provider for 2015-2016. If you`re looking to start a new career in the field of hairloss contact HeadPower for more information: 1-888-977-6275

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