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Carpet VS Cork Flooring Cork is 100 Best Alternative of Carpet

Alberta > Calgary. posted Saturday, 06 July 2019 , Visits 9

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City: Calgary

Cork is a naturally soft, quiet material that can be used instead of carpet. This makes allergy sufferers very, very happy. They no longer need to suffer through a bad night’s sleep due to the allergens caught in their carpets. The physical make up of cork makes it quiet. The billions of air cells in the material block sound and create a thermal barrier. When you partner soft with warm and quiet, you automatically start thinking about bedrooms. But why stop there? Why not think whole-home? Anywhere a carpet would go, cork can be added. Bedrooms, living rooms, dens, studies, basements, man-caves, hen-dens, games rooms – the sky’s the limit with cork flooring. Anywhere you need quiet, think cork. Anywhere you need warm, think cork. Anywhere that you stand for long periods of time – cork is an excellent anti-fatigue material. Cork floors are antistatic, dirt-repellent and have a positive effect on the indoor climate. That`s why people with allergies also increasingly choose this floor because where there`s no dust, house dust mites have no chance. Cancork Floor Inc. 1-866-998-1198 1-778-882-6315 link

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