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David Shebib and Andrew McClain the father and son team of " are also slumlords that pack their RentRanch on 5090 West Saanich road full of vulnerable semi- functional people on Disability and Welfare. Tenants face racial abuse, physical threats, and harassment and ultimately eviction if they do not show servitude by cleaning his office, his bedroom, or cleaning the junk that litters his property. Their trucks are in poor repair, in addition to their horrible driving they can`t load to save their lives or protect yours...a danger to every living thing on Vancouver Island every time David Shebib or Andrew McClain step into their trucks....Particularly Andrew MClain who actually fancies himself as some kind of F1 racer....he`s not...just a sulky, non-socialized, barely literate, low-rent version of the nearly senile, wheezing, gnarled, goof-prototype of his fraud of a father. Andrew CANNOT drive...yet he he insists on thinking he can....his driving record speaks for itself...numerous driving infractions and accident including several DUI`s David Shebib enjoys sleeping with sixteen year old runaways, getting crack blown into his thirsty mouth in the back of his van by hookers in the downtown east side Vancouver (he even filmed it) He brags about picking up prostitutes with his rich buddy Frank on Douglas street and in Rock Bay in Victoria...despite being well into his sixties....although in his defense he ain`t what you`d call "man-pretty" so any woman that would even think of hittin` it with him and his little flaccid no-inch dew-worm has to be on crack and/or needs to get paid. He also likes to share with them the HEP C he got from intravenous drug maybe he isn`t entirely greedy.

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