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Identity tags for pets engraved and sold here

Quebec > Anjou montreal. posted Tuesday, 19 May 2015 , Visits 417

Offer Type: Offering

Category: Autres annonces d'animaux

City: Anjou montreal

Identity tags for pets engraved and sold here! Afraid of losing you pet?We have a selection of Identity-tags that can be engraved for your peace of mind.Generally,the engraving is done while you wait or shop at our beautiful food market!Please note that this advertisement may contain a price of $0 in the price field on this ad. This is not a price in any way nor is it a promise to provide a service at $0.Thank you for understanding! Bijouterie Guru (Marche Les Halles D`Anjou) Our Address: 7500 Boul Les Galeries D`Anjou Suite 26B. Ville D`Anjou, QC H1M 3M4 Telephone: 514-353-4666 Our website:www.bijouterieguru.com Our Facebook Page: link Our Twitter page: link Our YouTube channel (French) link Our YouTube Channel(English) link

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