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Looking for a Deal on Cork tiles Get Free Sample Today

Ontario > Ottawa. posted Tuesday, 01 October 2019 , Visits 19

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City: Ottawa

Ceramic Marble is a colour we had great success with in the past. Because of this success, we`ve brought it back in both the 6mm glue down cork tile as well as the 12mm cork floating floor format. The soft, butter white cork floor has a marbleized presentation with runs of soft baby blue and midtone beige. A "warm" white, this colour will pair nicely with almost any tone of gray. The colour variation will offer both a cool (the blue veining) and a warm (the butter-white and the beige) presentation. Even hints of soft olive green can be seen. Ceramic Marble offers the widest range of decor options compared to other whites. At Cancork Floor we offer our glue-down tiles in three different thicknesses and over 25 stains and patterns. Since cork naturally repels moisture it is great in a bathroom. Our 6mm Ceramic Marble is a true delight and our price of $3.19 a square foot is simply beautiful. For More information and Order Free sample Please contact with us Cancork Floor Inc. 1-866-998-1198 1-778-882-6315 link

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