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MacBook Air Retina MacBook Pro Water Restoration Repair computer services

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Algonquin College, Carleton University & Ottawa University will Receive a 5% Discount on all Repairs! All discounts are applied before taxes and you must provide a valid student ID card to take advantage of this special offer! PLEASE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! Ottawa`s #1 MacBook Logic Board Liquid Restoration Specialist! link Business Hours: Mon-Frid (8am-7pm) Weekends: By Call Acceptance ONLY Tel: Here are a few things you shouldn`t be doing when you have water or any type of liquid damage! 1) Do not power up the unit! Why not? You can risk shorting out or can cause "MAJOR" damage to the circuit on the board which can minimize your chances of restoring the logic board. There are other reasons such as causing damage to your LCD video cable which which one end is connected to the logic board and the other end to your very expensive Retina or MacBook Air screen which can be $700-$1000+ to fix! The battery is also a very expensive component to replace so I hope after reading this this will convince you to keep your laptop off and call someone to unplug your battery from the logic board immediately if this just happen to you! 2) Using rice to adsorb the moisture, that`s a BIG NO NO! Even the idea sounds great and "can" help it can also cause a major issue with the internals so try imagine rice sneaking into the rear venting areas of your laptop mixing it with water and turning into a pasty substance which ends up on your board??? Not a great idea so let`s scrap idea right! Now since you have a better fundamental idea about what not to do when you encounter a liquid damage to your beloved MacBook give us a call as we are the only one`s capable of doing surface mount repairs and restoring the original logic boards for you, if anyone in Ottawa tells you something different? Trust me I`ve been in Ottawa for over 17+ years doing computer service and repairs, have worked with many electronic engineers and there`s only one guy in Ottawa or that we deal with can do this type of work and have a 90% successful rate at doing this! Give us a call today at and let us help you $$SAVE$$ your money and at the same time get your laptop back up and running in less than 5-7 business days.

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