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Monday Spot at Ashworth Preschool and Kindergarten childcare

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City: Brampton

We have a Monday spot from 11 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. for a child who is 14 months plus. Ashworth Pre-school and Kindergarten Program Ashworth preschool is a bilingual (English and French), enriched, in-home program for 14 month to 6 year-old children in a small group setting with a certified teacher and an assistant teacher. The focus of the program is on developing children`s social, cognitive, artistic and linguistic skills through monthly themed play, activities, and learning centers. The French language is introduced and reinforced by the teacher by, at times, speaking to the children in French, reading French books, and singing French songs. Ashworth Preschool offers an enriched Kindergarten program for three to six year old children. The Preschool offers small group instruction with a certified teacher and an assistant teacher. The students explore ten units of inquiry throughout the course of the school year as well as engage in daily Language Arts, Mathematics and French lessons. The regular preschool/Kindergarten program runs from September until June. The scheduled hours are Mondays from 9-4, Tuesdays 9-4, and Thursdays 9-4. 12 o`clock pick ups or afternoons (12-4) are also options. A summer program for ages one to nine runs for two weeks in July and two weeks in August daily from 9-4. French, dance and music instruction are offered for all ages as well as daily school work time for 4-9 nine year olds. Ashworth Preschool Program Monthly Learning Themes Each month a learning theme becomes the focus of the children`s play (e.g. things that go, the family, colours, etc.). The theme is integrated into the art activities, music circles, learning centers and dramatic play centres. Sensory Stimulation and Art The teacher presents a theme related art/sensory activity and the children are encouraged to participate. The children colour, paint, sculpt, paste, cut, print depending on the day. The water/sensory table is open for exploration with a rotation of matching toys, squirters, toy babies, bubbles, colouring etc. Circle Time/ Music and Movement Each day the children are encouraged to participate in a circle time that relates to the monthly learning theme. The children are given instruments and are encouraged to play, sing and or dance along with the songs in English and in French. The teacher reads a story and presents a follow up activity to help with comprehension. Dramatic Play Centre Time In order to bring the monthly learning themes to life a different dramatic play centre is created each month. The children take on roles such as firefighter, photographer etc. Cognitive Activities The children are introduced to a cognitive activity each day that is designed to extend their understanding of a theme related concept. Reading and writing are taught through the alphabet characters met in "Letterland" Ashworth Kindergarten Program The students explore ten units of inquiry throughout the course of the school year as well as engage in daily Language Arts and Mathematics lessons. The Kindergarten program offers both scheduled blocks of teacher directed learning times as well as opportunities for socialization and imaginative play. The students learn to use thinking and problem solving skills to acquire knowledge of the social and natural sciences through investigating monthly inquiry units such as the family and transportation. A combination of the phonetic based Letterland program and sight word recognition is used to teach reading. As the students reading abilities develop they participate in literature circle reading groups. The teaching of the mechanics of writing from letter formation to sentence structure is imbedded in creative and investigative writing. Hands-on, manipulative based lessons are used to teach mathematical concepts. Each student is provided with a mathematics workbook geared to increase their knowledge of number concepts. Portfolios Over the course of the year we develop a student portfolio for each child. Through the use of pictures, anecdotal comments, and pieces of created art the parents will be able to see and read about their child`s progress. Music/Dance Enrichment Every week a specially trained music and dance teacher introduce basic musical and physical concepts such as rhythm, melody, dynamics, and tempo, while building the foundation to help the kids get musical and active themselves! Outdoor Play The children play outside daily in a fenced in backyard. Regular field trips are arranged to Hillcrest Park, the Wychwood Barns, and other local parks. We are not licensed by the Government. For more information please visit ashworthpreschool.ca.

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