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Tasmanian Burl 8mm Cork Tiles 409SF

Ontario > Toronto. posted Saturday, 02 November 2019 , Visits 17

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Category: Maison et jardinage

City: Toronto

The Tasmanian Burl 8mm cork glue down tile is the latest colour in the Forna flooring line-up. A replacement colour for our popular Rocky Bush product, the 8mm glue down tiles offer luxury cork at a fraction of the price of other producers. Mid-tone browns and autumn golds make this a colour a favourite amount homeowners. This light stain offers depth of colour without a dark or heavy feeling. The black tiger stripes make this a lively floor which mimic the Tasmanian Oak burl pattern. Some key features of this product are: Made with formaldehyde free adhesives Stain resistant Water-resistant Warm and comfortable under foot which allows you to save money on heating and cooling bills Reduces noise: keep noise from transmitting down through the floor, or up through the ceiling Impact Sound Reduction 22 dB (tested is 6mm) Keep out unwanted heat energy in the summer, keep it in the room in the winter Resilient, low slip surface making this an excellent surface for seniors, children or people suffering from arthritis or joint pain Impact resistant Cancork Floor Inc. 1-866-998-1198 1-778-882-6315 link

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