The new patented Memory Foam CPAP Pillow

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The new patented Memory Foam CPAP Pillow with herbal infusion introduced by Best in Rest is a revolutionary product for all CPAP users! Best in Rest Memory foam CPAP pillow is multi-layered and reversible. One layer is infused with natural green tea, which helps promote better sleep by neutralizing odors for natural freshness and offers pleasant scent. Middle layer in Best in Rest Memory Foam CPAP Pillow is removable in order for users to choose the pillow height right for their body. By keeping the middle layer inserted, the height of the pillow remains at 5 inch, and be removing the middle layer, the height of the pillow becomes 4 inch, comfortable for users with smaller frame. Another usable side of Memory Foam pillow has herbal cooling gel infusion, which helps reduce perspiration during sleep and provide long lasting comfort. Special cut outs for CPAP mask allow CPAP uses sleep easily on their side with the CPAP mask. Call us Phone:(888) 400-8987 and (647) 846-7700

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