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Waterproof Flooring Cork Tiles for BathroomsKitchen

Ontario > Ottawa. posted Wednesday, 02 October 2019 , Visits 43

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City: Ottawa

100% Waterproof Flooring Glue Down Cork Tiles in Bathrooms, Laundry rooms, Kitchens, for Comfort, Acoustics, Healthy Home, thermal insulation Most hardwood floors lack the ability to resist water damage, but that doesn`t mean you can`t have a wood floor in areas of high humidity. Cork is a wood that comes with better benefits than its cousins. Cork contains Suberin, a waxy substance naturally generated within the composition, that makes it resistant to invasion from liquids and gasses. Because of this cork is able to fight against wood rot and mildew Cork flooring is made to last few times the lifespan of an average other flooring. Cork Flooring is considered an investment, as it really becomes a permanent fixture in your home. With Cork flooring you will never have to worry about the juice that spilled or the accident your furry friend just had! Cork flooring can simplify your life and save you lots of money and time. Cork Floors have been shown to survive more than 50 years or more without having to be replaced. Longevity of a cork floor = 50-100 years!!! The cork floor is considered the MOST DURABLE of all floors! The US Library of Congress received their cork floor prior to it`s opening in 1887 and it is still BEAUTIFUL!! Cathedrals in Portugal and Spain often used cork flooring from the same time period and the floors are still in use (heavy traffic areas to say the least!) more than 100 years later. link Cancork Floor Inc. 1-866-998-1198 1-778-882-6315 link
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