If you create a Bizcaf account for posting ads or participating in forums, Bizcaf will store a cookie in your browser which will be used to identify you when you come back. Later, you won't have to enter your email address and password to post on your account until your cookie expires. You have the option to log out and have us erase our cookie at any time, too.

Bizcaf does not use this cookie for any other purpose than to identify you when you're logging in to your account. The cookie cannot be used or seen by any site other than Bizcaf. If you're concerned about privacy issues or if you're interested in knowing more about cookies, the W3C's security FAQ (specifically question 10, Do "Cookies" Pose any Security Risks?) is a great place to look.

Finally, you should only use this feature if only trusted people are able to use the computer you're posting from, since anyone that can use your browser can post on Bizcaf using your Bizcaf account if you have a login cookie.