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posted : 05-Apr-18

I started offering online personal training for a couple of reasons. Being successful training people in person, I found my time was very limited to meet with as many people as possible. On top of that some people could simply not afford multiple sessions a week. I could still help YOU achieve amazing results, all you need is commitment and no worries if you don`t have access the gym, I`ll provide you with programs that can be done very easily at home. Step 1 Questionnaire I send you a questionnaire to fill out. You tell me your goals, age, weight, gender etc. . . and send it back to me. Step 2 Program Creation I take a look at everything you have sent me and develop a custom training program just for you. Not some cookie cutter generic program that a lot of companies send to everyone. This is YOUR program tailored for YOUR goals. Step 3 Discussing The Program After taking a look at the program, we discuss it together and you ask any questions you may have. Step 4 Get Started! You implement the plan! Now the fun begins! Step 5 Daily/Weekly Check Ups This way we can see how your workouts are going and if we need to change anything. If there needs to be changes we will tweak aspects of the program. Weekly you will send me progress pictures and an excel spreadsheet tracking everything. Step 6 Reach Your Goals REACH YOUR GOALS! Stick to the program, we will make changes along the way, and together we will reach your fitness goals whatever they may be. ***Privacy and Security*** Your info, your plan, your everything on bodybyped is always private and secure, and never shared with anyone without your consent! link

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