PinUp Campaigns crowdfunding platform

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posted : 01-Sep-15
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PinUp Campaigns is a crowdfunding platform which brings the best together under one roof. We believe in making dreams come true and we believe that funds for those dreams should not be controlled by a minority. We are a platform dedicated to bringing people with amazing projects and ideas together with those interested in being patrons/contributors for these projects and ideas. This is a platform that helps turn groundbreaking ideas into reality by choosing only the best 100 campaigns that we receive and featuring all of them equally, making sure that each and every great project is seen. We handpick campaigns and choose only the best of the best that we receive. Although this means that we can not feature every campaign, it also means that as an contributor you know that everything that is posted is great and you do not need to wade through thousands of Campaigns to find something of interest to you. As a campaigner you know that if you are chosen it means we truly believe in your campaign. This means that we will feature it on our front page, it will never be lost in a pool of thousands of other campaigns and we will personally promote it. All of these things actually helping you to gain recognition and support.

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